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Chairman IDBC

Mr. Edward Wanandi is the CEO of International Merchants, L.L.C. an import/export company. In addition, he is involved in several renewable energy projects primarily in Indonesia, through International Investment Resources LLC. He recently established a joint operation with Goldman Sachs Investment Partners in a Private Equity venture in Indonesia.

Mr. Wanandi was Chairman & CEO of Trailmobile Corporation. Trailmobile was one of the largest semi-truck trailer manufacturers and trailer parts distribution companies in North America with operations in both the United States and Canada. He has been involved in the automotive components industry since he founded a business in 1980 manufacturing and selling gearboxes, axles, and large stamping parts such as the chassis frames for trucks, truck bumpers, and brake parts (currently the largest independent producer in Southeast Asia). His business also manufactured special purpose vehicles, trailers, and equipment supporting the oil and gas industry where it is staying in top 3 in Indonesia.

Mr. Wanandi also held positions as Vice President International of Gemala Group of Indonesia and Chairman of Gemala Batteries Holding, a U.K. based battery manufacturing company and Vice Chairman and Director of Century Yuasa Battery, an Australian based battery manufacturing company, where he was very instrumental in developing the strategy and its execution (now the business is the largest Automotive Batteries manufacturer in Southeast Asia and amongst top 3 in the world battery exporter). He is currently a board member of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Chamber Foundation, and Trustee Emeritus of Hudson Institute. He currently serves on the Board of Trustees of Loyola University Chicago and the Board of Directors for CAPP (Center for Asia Pacific Policy) RAND Corporation.

Mr. Wanandi was elected as the first Chairman of the Indonesian Diaspora Network, a network to promote Indonesian diaspora worldwide and their homeland. He currently serves as the Chairman of the Indonesian Diaspora Business Council. 

President IDBC

Mrs. Fify Manan is the President and CEO of Formcase Group which is involved in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of modern office furniture for more than 50 years. She has managed to establish wholesale and distribution networks in 5 continents, including Asia, Australia, Africa, Europe, and America.

Mrs. Manan is also the CEO of Manan Group Company with diversified businesses in Furniture, Food, Hospitality, and Technology.

Mrs. Manan graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Electrical Engineering from Oklahoma State University and attended MBA program at the University of Tulsa, USA. In the first few years of business in the United States, she managed to set up distribution in twenty States while obtaining GSA contract and many State contracts. With these contracts, Formcase has furnished many State and Federal Government offices, schools, and universities.

Mrs. Manan also founded a food distribution company in Indonesia that imports frozen food from around the world to supply to retailers, hotels, restaurants, and caterers. She is also a member of Board Advisors for the Global Indonesian Diaspora Network. During her time in the United States, she served as a Board member of the U.S. Pan Asian American Chamber of Commerce as the Chair of Program Committee. She was also the Executive Vice President of the Indonesian American Chamber of Commerce. As her further commitment to the community, Mrs. Manan served on Emory University’s Board of Visitors during 2008 - 2011.

Mrs. Manan was honored in 2007 Who’s Who in Asian American Communities Award held by Sachi Koto Communications, Inc. She is the Co-Chair of Manan Foundation, formed in 2005. Manan Foundation is involved in many social activities for the purpose of uniting the differences of culture in Indonesia. Free college and children academy were set up to provide leadership mentoring and the foundation provides scholarships for children and orphans in remote areas in Indonesia.

Mrs. Manan was awarded as Best CEO 2017 in Developing Global Market by SWA, a leading business magazine in Indonesia. On top of her strong commitment as an entrepreneur who gives positive, meaningful contribution to her employees and community, Mrs. Manan is a dedicated wife to Robert Manan and a loving mother to two children, Jessica and Ryan.

Vice President & Sec-Gen IDBC

Mrs. Astrid SK-Vasile earned a master's of business administration degree from Institute of Business and Management Jayakarta before moving to Australia. She has lived in Western Australia for the last 20 years and is a small business owner employing over 80 Western Australians.

As an active member of her local community and Chair Business Advisory Group of the City of Canning, Mrs. SK-Vasile is keenly aware of the importance of law and order and the safety of the community, both of which are of high priority to the people of Western Australia

Mrs. SK-Vasile is the CEO of Vasile Group, a registered Residential and Commercial constructions company in Australia. Moreover, she is a registered builder and construction professional with technical expertise in design, construction, architecture, and infrastructure.

Her insight and skills stem from her studies in Entrepreneurship and Economics, from two decades of living in Indonesia, Singapore, New Zealand, Australia and from her 25 years of business experience. She held a number of Senior positions in Australia, involved in a number of organizations promoting leaders in business.  Her success began with her entrepreneurial determination to succeed, with a background in national and international business she is able to efficiently introduce Australia-Indonesia businesses, providing a gateway for a closer relationship between both countries.

Astrid remains a patron and member of many businesses, and continues to dedicate her time to promoting and serving the interests of Australia- Indonesia and Indonesian Diaspora communities, to ensure both countries benefit significantly from closer ties, within the varied ethnic identities, languages and cultural practices that make up the diverse nations of Indonesia and multicultural Australia.

She is lauded as a registered builder in WA and was given accolades as 2009 Winner Business Partner of the Year by HIA- NAB, as well as being a Business Partner of the Year Finalist at the National level Awards 2010

Australia-Indonesia Institute board appointments, of Ms Astrid Vasile by  Minister for Foreign Affairs The Hon Julie Bishop MP Media release can be found here . 

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